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Avtolinii (avtolinoleum)
  • Avtolinii (avtolinoleum)
  • Avtolinii (avtolinoleum)
  • Avtolinii (avtolinoleum)
  • Avtolinii (avtolinoleum)
  • Avtolinii (avtolinoleum)
  • Avtolinii (avtolinoleum)
  • Avtolinii (avtolinoleum)

Avtolinii (avtolinoleum)

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Avtolinii (CAR linoleum)


       For coating the vehicle floor requires a material with special characteristics. It should be as resistant to mechanical stress to withstand the continuous flow of people, as well as safe and easy to installation. All these properties are fully possesses special automobile linoleum (avtolinii).

      Avtolinii is an ideal floor covering for urban and intercity buses, taxis, trams, trolley buses and railway cars and other public transport. It represents a fabric substrate on one side of which is coated with colored multilayer coating possessing anti-slip properties and high durability. This material does not allow intensive wear during operation. A special feature of automobile linoleum is considered a high wear resistance rating, as well as Traumatic, without which the use of linoleum in transport would be impossible.


Benefits avtolinoleuma:

 Road linoleum characterized by a number of undeniable advantages that set it apart from the competition. Among them we can enumerate:


• anti-slip effect;

• the surface is easy to clean;

• as it is resistant to abrasion;

• furthermore, it does not harm the various chemical compound fluids (petrol, oil, etc.);

• In addition to this, a special pattern prevents the penetration of water in unwanted places.

 Do not forget that thanks to the damp-proofing qualities avtolinii, this material is not moldy and does not deform over time. It can be put on virtually any surface, with time linoleum will not pull, and it no hole or pureed.



 Avtolinii has several layers:

a layer of abrasive cloth, which has obstacle rapid wear, and also prevents slip;

 fiberglass - active layer is necessary to structure the material retained the original appearance as well as to avoid compression and stretching of the top layer;

 a substrate layer of a nonwoven fabric or PVC. 

The corrugated or embossed surface avtolinii allows cling shoe for coating, adding the clutch.


Transport as the most popular linoleum flooring distinguish the following characteristics:

 • durability and abrasion resistance;

• high resistance to tearing;

• resistance to deformation and stretchability;

• excellent adhesion of the coating to the car floor;

• a high coefficient of friction (prevent slippage);

• watertight (misses and does not absorb fluid, protecting the body from corrosion);

• resistance to mold under the influence of moisture;

• resistance to aggressive chemical compounds (including engine oil and petrol);

• resistance to contamination;

• absolute simplicity of maintenance and ease of cleaning;

• no harmful effect on the body;

• a wide operating temperature range: -50 to +50 ° C.


It is one of the most high-finishing materials used in the automotive industry and is used as a protective anti-slip flooring.


Produced several kinds of drawing avtolinii:

 "COIN" ( "penny") - a linoleum increased wear resistance, is a two-layer material with embossed PVC "pyatachkovym" pattern and warm the felt (textile) substrate of a nonwoven fabric not shrinkable, which reinforces the upper layer. Black and gray color. 

Material linoleum top layer prevents slipping shoes and noses "coin" ( "penny") of Figure provide additional grip, especially in the presence of moisture and increase the life avtolinoleuma service.

 "HONEYCOMBS" - embossed with a pattern of cells (the six-kutnik), gray and black colors.

 "Square" - is avtolinii increased resistance to wear. This two-ply material made of PVC, with a square, a relief pattern in the form of a square, gray light, and felt the basics, not shrink. The topsheet material avtolinii coated with a special material which provides adhesion shoe with linoleum, and prevents slippage.

 "YOLKA" - made of warm felt base and two-layer high-quality PVC, having a relief pattern (Christmas tree, Ryskov). Avtolinii through a felt-based, does not shrink. Very easy to gluing / installation. Anti-slip properties avtolinii provide maximum coupling to the surface. And also: "Mosaic", "CRUMB"

The advantage of the material avtolinii: an attractive appearance and long service life



 The main field of application is avtolinoleuma flooring:

• Coach 

. vans,


• trolley buses, trams, subway cars of trains and railway wagons;

• vans vahtovok, building huts and cabins, workshops and maintenance stations, special equipment;

• cars.

Also car linoleum is used for:

• internal finishing floors and cabs of tractors, combines and other machinery;

• ramps, platforms, ladders and steps;

• floor warehouse, industrial, commercial premises - as a non-slip material;

• Floor finish in elevators.

Information is up-to-date: 10.12.2018
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