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Polyurethane GOST 14896 - 84
  • Polyurethane GOST 14896 - 84
  • Polyurethane GOST 14896 - 84
  • Polyurethane GOST 14896 - 84
  • Polyurethane GOST 14896 - 84
  • Polyurethane GOST 14896 - 84
  • Polyurethane GOST 14896 - 84
  • Polyurethane GOST 14896 - 84

Polyurethane GOST 14896 - 84

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Country of manufacture:Ukraine


Polyurethane - high, maslobenzostojky, acid- polymeric material. Polyurethane good insulator, has a high cut resistance and abrasion resistance (in hundreds times more than that of rubber), shock, durable in operation, responds well to machining (turning, milling, etc.). The peculiarity of polyurethanes - exceptionally high physical and mechanical properties, in some respects surpassing not only all types of rubbers and rubber, but also metals.

Polyurethane makes products such useful properties that are unattainable for conventional rubbers. These include unmatched wear resistance, abrasion resistance, and high hardness value (while maintaining a high elasticity in a wide temperature range) that allows the use of the polyurethane product, operating with particularly high mechanical loading, for example, cold rolled steel, or flexible shafts.

The most important quality of polyurethane:

  • elasticity (elongation at break was 2 times more than that of rubber);
  • low abrasion (wear resistance in conventional 3 times higher than that of rubber);
  • High durability (rubber strength is greater than 22.5-fold);
  • high tear resistance and repeated deformations;
  • possibility of working under high pressure (105 MPa);
  • acid resistance and resistance to many solvents;
  • Increased hardness (40 to 98 Shore units);
  • temperature range from -60 ° C to + 120 ° C;
  • resistance to microorganisms and molds;
  • oil and petrol resistance and vibration resistance;
  • elasticity at low temperatures;
  • excellent dielectric properties;
  • ozone resistance;

Polyurethane rods (polyurethane rod, polyurethane circle) and sheets (sheet polyurethane, the polyurethane sheet) machined bushings, rollers, springs, pads, and many other components for industrial machinery and equipment.



Hardness, Shore A - 40-98 Sh A

100% Modulus - MPa 1,6-26

300% Modulus - MPa 2,4-35

Tensile strength - 13-52 MPa

Elongation at break - 250-600%

Tensile Strength - 30-110 N / m

Rebound elasticity - 20-65%

Wearability - 20-130 mm3

Specific gravity - 1.1-1.25


  • high wear resistance
  • flexibility
  • water resistance
  • strength
  • tear resistance
  • immunity microbes (molds)
  • resistance to swelling in oils and liquids



GOST and manufacturers

GOST 14 896 - 84 Ukraine



Fabricated in the plates (sheets) 1000x1000 mm; 500h500mm; 1000H500mm thickness from 2 mm to 100 mm.

Rods with diameters from 10mm to 200mm on request.

You can order products from polyurethane, manufactured by casting into open molds. Products made by casting, may have a variety of sizes and shapes. We provide manufacturing service products under the order. A brief list of manufactured products:


polyurethane sheet

Boards, polyurethane,

polyurethane wheels

polyurethane bushings

polyurethane rollers

oil seal polyurethane

Collars made of PU

PU ball

couplings polyurethane

polyurethane hydrocyclones



Polyurethane has a wide range of strength characteristics, it is widely used in various industries:

  • metal processing;
  • engineering and transportation industries;
  • oil and gas sector;
  • building;
  • medicine;
  • textile and food industries;
  • electronics;
  • mining and chemical industry;
  • wood, paper and printing industry, etc.

Molded polyurethanes are used for the manufacture of parts of internal transport, different shafts, gears and other products for the mechanical engineering, mining, aerospace, automotive, oil and gas, construction, printing and other industries.


Some embodiment of the use of polyurethane sheets, plates and slabs:

• punching plate (dies and punches) in the manufacture of stamping;

• elastic pads, linings gates;

• sheets for lining hoppers, chutes, chutes, vibrating troughs (protection against abrasion, adhesion and freezing of the material);

• wear-resistant lining sheets for gravity, chain conveyors, bucket elevators, and mixing items and other equipment;

• shock absorbers, dampers, compensator, buffers and vibration dampers;

• elastic scrapers for conveyor belts;

• scrapers rollers road rollers;

• bars (beams) to protect the belts from the breakdown;

• a blank for the manufacture of wear components, parts and the parts of polyurethane.


The price depends on the thickness and wafer size.

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Country of manufacture:Ukraine
Information is up-to-date: 17.12.2018
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