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Silicone tube
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Silicone tube

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Tubes silicone rubber and are heat resistant silicone rubber of . They exhibit resistance to many influences, the tube is not afraid of moisture, various corrosive substances. In addition, products (silicone hoses) differ absolute safety. This is due to the fact that silicone does not cause allergic reactions, non - toxic. Through this tube can be used in medical centers, laboratories, other similar objects.

The advantages provided by hoses and drippers are high flexibility and elasticity. Silicone products may have a diameter of 3 to 50 cm. Because of this they are not used only for medicine droppers, but also for other purposes (pumping liquids and other mediums) in the chemical, food and other industries.

The tube or silicone rubber may be white, transparent or colored.

Another important factor is that the silicone can be sterilized in an autoclave, to high and low temperatures. Tubes made out of it, do not lose properties over time. Products for the dropper, other products may be in contact with the human body. The tube does not lead to irritation and an allergic reaction.



 Silicone products retain their efficiency from - 50C to + 250C.

Resistant to ozone, marine and fresh water (including boiling), alcohols, mineral oils and fuels, mild acids, alkalis.

Resistant to radiation, UV radiation, electrical fields and discharges.

silicone tube properties are practically independent of temperature and do not change under the influence of light and air. Due to these qualities, the possibility of using tubes of silicone rubber is extremely varied and cover many industries.


DIMENSIONS, heat - resistant silicone tubes

Made to measure within 3 - 7 working days.

 Almost all sizes in the performance of the round sections in diameters (internal) from 3mm to 46mm

 It is also possible to produce square and rectangular.


 APPLICATIONS silicone tube

 Tube of silicone rubber physiological, inert and non - toxic, so they are widely used in medicine and food industry. Health great advantage is that the silicone tube can be repeatedly sterilized hot air and steam.

silicone hose used for pumping fluids in industrial processes - for water, beverages, oils, acids and alkalis low concentration (up to 20% ), dairy products, vinegar and others.

Country of manufacture:Ukraine
Information is up-to-date: 05.08.2021

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